TEMESA has 5 units that report directly to the Chief Executive.


1)      Internal Audit

This unit advise on internal control and accounting procedures of TEMESA, audit all TEMESA accounts at Headquarters and the Regions and prepare the required reports directly to the Chief Executive and the Government as required by financial regulations.


2)      Legal Unit

This unit will advise the Chief Executive on contracts and other legal arrangements with Clients, Suppliers, etc and provide back up support and advise TEMESA in all legal issues


3)      Information Technology unit

This unit provide expertise and services on application of ICT to the Agency.


4)      Information Unit

Take charge to all works related to media and promotional affairs in addition to marketing services, management of portal contents and events, public relations and offer internal support to departments and sections.


5)      Procurement and supplies Unit

Provides expertise, advice and services in procurement, storage and supply of goods and services for the Agency.